Silicon Bees A Direct Placement Agency

The advancement of computers and technology has created new gateways for professional and upcoming entrepreneurs. Let it be off-line of the online medium, there is great fortune for direct placement services or called as staffing services. Recruiting staff for a specific position, whether it may be labor or professional geeks on a budget, virtual staffing is the only solution. Silicon Bees understand the feasibility and consider this great opportunity to hire workforce for businesses all around the globe. Direct placement offered by Silicon Bees is for rapid employment, as they closely work with clients to recognize and put the best candidate in the industry. For every manager, staffing is one of the most important and crucial functions. There are ample of responsibilities involved in direct placement that are:

  • Finding the right candidate for the post and screening their resume.
    Recruiting the correct HR by placing advertisements in local newspapers and the online medium.
  • Verifying the correct human resources that have capability, knowledge and skills for the particular position.
  • Provides new employment by giving them training and assignments
  • Lastly, allowing for hiring to other firms.


Basically, direct placement is divided into three types and they are temporary staffing services, long term staffing and temporary to permanent staffing services. Well, these three staffing solutions vary from job position to position. But the prime thing is that direct placement with Silicon Bees will offer good employees for any organization. It is very true that staffing is a lengthy and comprehensive procedure. A good amount of effort, money and time is consumed in picking the right candidate and preserving them for the specific position. Direct placement is a pioneering tool for professional business experts. If you are seeking the right staffing organization, you can go with Silicon Bees for their expert placement services that will offer people who desire to work for you.